International Youth Day

IMG_3102.JPGHappy International Youth Day, friends! Today is the day you can celebrate the joys of being a youth, or celebrate the joys of having made it out alive. Either way, happy day!

In honor of the day here are  some of the silliest memories from my youth:

In the 5th grade (1994/95) my grandmother had sewn me these really amazing rainbow striped overalls to match the rainbow striped overalls she had sewn for my American Girl Doll. The first day I wore them to school I thought I was pretty special until my school mates started calling me “Woodstock”. That was the last and only day I ever wore the overalls, but not the last time I was every called “Woodstock”, or “Woody” for short.

Quick Tip: If your last name starts with an “M” spend the extra minute examining whether or not you should name your daughter “Crystal”. Another unsavory nickname.

Around the same time I spent a lot of time outdoors rollerblading around the neighborhood with my Walkman in tow. My music of choice: Ace of Base on repeat of course! I may or may not have attempted to perform rollerblading routines to the likes of “Young and Proud”. Viva Sweden!

My first kiss was with a boy that was 5 years my senior [a college boy!] when I was 17. It was fairly quick and awkward. Afterwards he remarked, “Well, that was okay.” It was horrible! Shortly after this we broke up, and shortly after that I shared a really amazing kiss with someone I loved very much, which basically means the horrible kiss was not my fault. Lesson learned: experiences and times with people you love will always be better.

This year’s primary focus of IYD is “Youth and Mental Health”. Bravo to the United Nations on this one because often times thinking of my own youth I pinpoint the most awkward and horrifying experiences. One thing I can be thankful for though was the lack of social media which didn’t really pop up until my later youth. I wasn’t worried about friends trashing me on Twitter, or unsavory photos being shared of me on Facebook. When I was younger experiences seemed much more dramatic than they truly were. I think the combination of poor mental health stigmas and an immature youth mind are an unfortunate combination.

Some Oak City Resources for Helping Youth:

LGBT Center of Raleigh Youth Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle

Stand Up for Kids – Raleigh/Durham

Brave enough to share an unfortunate youth memory in the comments below? I dare you. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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