Have a confident week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a confident week.I first heard one of my now favorite quotes in the movie, Serendipity. It says…

If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.

Epictetus was the philosopher credited for that saying. I highly encourage you to look up some of his other quotes. They are such truths and so easily relatable that it’s hard not to gain some sort of wisdom after running through them. This particular quote above has stuck with me for the past 13 years since I saw the movie and encourages me to have a great confidence in myself and my abilities. We all know that’s much easier said than done but if you really mediate on that quote and think of all those incredibly successful people who were first thought foolish and stupid for their ideas it’s amazing to wonder where they got their break; how they had so much confidence and trust in themselves to persevere and achieve their dreams.

This week, I plan to practice confidence in myself and my abilities. I have a ceiling I need to break through and it really needs to happen soon. That ceiling shakes my confidence to the core and takes away my ability to┬ásee past the first mistakes, the second mistakes, and probably third mistakes, and realize that I’m improving. The first draft is rarely the final draft so have confidence to push through, far enough to see that improvement.

What are you favorite confidence-instilling quotes? — Annie


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