DIY Travel Photo Art

IMG_4315EDITEDIt’s been a long two months since Jason and I went on vacation to Denver and I miss it! I’ve had this travel keepsake idea in my head but couldn’t find the right time to get to it so I stuck the idea for this on the calendar and made it happen! I’m really happy with the way the finished product came out but I realized a few things: (1) it’s been a long time since I printed real photos and I was a little disappointed in the quality of them but I’m guessing that’s just because I’m super spoiled by a large screen and the ability to edit them how I want and (2) I need to always go bigger. I knew the photos would be 4×6 but I didn’t really think about what that meant so 15 pictures got printed and only 7 were used. I definitely overestimated the size of my canvas!

Here’s how I did it:


I started by placing the cardboard backing of my frame over the area I wanted to cut out and traced around it. Always use the cardboard since it’s the sturdiest.


Then, keeping the cardboard in place, I took my X-Acto knife and cut along the cardboard, making sure it matched up with the trace line.


I spread all my photos out and placed them around the map. I made sure not to cover up points on the map I’d be highlighting so cutting the photos down to size and arranging them was key. Before securing my photos, I took a Sharpie and circled my points of interest and used a ruler to draw a straight line that would stop under the photo connecting the two.


After the lines were drawn, I used Scotch Photo Splits to secure the photos. Photo Splits are great because they come in pre-cut squares and are easily removable from paper and photos.

Tip: Flatten out your map before securing photos. Maps are super easy to flatten if you just fold the opposite way along each crease!


I decided to include the date to give it a little more of a personal feel.

What do you do with your travel photos or keepsakes? — Annie



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