Favorite Foods of Wisconsin

Under the Oaks: Favorite Foods of WisconsinHappy Thursday, friends!

I hope you got to catch up on photos from my Wisconsin trip in Tuesday’s post. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite foods of Wisconsin. When traveling back to the ‘ole stomping ground, I always look forward to the food. Wisconsin is known for its cheese and beer, but there is so much more to this country’s Dairy State. These eateries are just a few of my favorite.

DSC_0048Emma Krumbees

Emma Krumbees was actually a new eat for me. I lived/worked in Wausau for about three years and I always drove past this breakfast eatery and never once ate. This trip my husband and I met a friend of my husbands for brunch and it was so delicious. EKs is like a mini version of a Cracker Barrel; they serve breakfast all day long and they have a cute little shop where you can buy homemade goodies like pie, jams, and crafts. I’ve really been into breakfast foods lately so this was a pleasant surprise.

DSC_0081Erbert and Gertbert’s

It doesn’t make sense how much I love this sandwich shop, but I love it so much that we ate here twice. I begged my husband to go out-of-the-way just to pick up another sandwich for me. What’s the big deal? They spoon out the insides of the sandwich, but the sandwich fillings inside, and the inside of the bread on top of the sandwich; it is a carbo-licious delight. My favorite is the Narmer, turkey and avocado. I love it so much I’m considering franchising it to the south. Anyone with me?


DSC_0255Ella’s Deli

This kosher deli and ice cream shoppe is my all-time favorite eatery in Madison. When people visit Wisconsin I immediately demand that they make a special trip to Ella’s. The menu is 20+ pages, and the food is pretty delicious, but the major draw is the vintage carousal and running toys on the inside. Going to Ella’s Deli makes me feel like a child again, as I enjoy  discovering something new every time I visit.



DSC_0085Briq’s Soft Serve

I never eat more ice cream than when I’m in Wisconsin. When we moved to North Carolina 7 years ago Briq’s was nothing but a singular stand serving ice cream in the summer months. Now they have a couple of stands open over throughout central Wisconsin. We of course stopped for a single-cone with a crunch coat. Yum!

Do you have a favorite Wisconsin eatery? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

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