Have a motivating week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a motivating week.This morning has kind of hit me pretty hard. I’ve been in a pretty big creative slump for a while now and have tried, unsuccessfully, to snap myself out of it. It seems like the more I try to push the inspiration by using the typical outlets, Pinterest, Instagram, organizing my office, purging the rest of the house, flipping through old magazine tear-outs, reworking my inspiration board, reading a book, the more uninspired and overwhelmed I become. My brain needs a reset button today more than ever. Or a vacation.

I did get a little taste of creativity on Friday when I met up with my sister to take photos of products she sells for her new website. Playing photographer for the day felt pretty great, even if it’s not my aspiring dream to become professional, because it broke me out of my box and my routine. So today as I go through and edit those photos I’m going to keep the quote below in mind. I may not be at the place I wanted to be right now but I need to take what I have and go with it. Cheers to a motivating week! — Annie

Under the Oaks blog: Have a motivating week. #quote #motivationalquote #inspiration #ArthurAshe


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