Home Inspiration: Master Bedroom

Under the Oaks blog: Home Inspiration: Master Bedroom

In theory, Summer is a great time of year to work on home renovations. In reality, it’s a really bad time, especially if you have friends getting married, birthday parties, cookouts, holidays, beach trips, you work a full time job, your wife is not a homebody, and you’re doing it all yourself. I give Jason a lot of junk for not having the room done (mostly passive aggressive junk like, “Man, it sure would be nice to have all three bedrooms finished!”) but I am a big culprit for why it’s not quite done yet, aside from waiting for drywall mud to dry. So, in anticipation of it being *almost* ready, I decided to gather some inspiration of what I’d like the room to look like all decorated and liveable again! — Annie

(Collected Interiors)


(Home Life)


(Sarah Landstedt via SF Girl by Bay)


(Daily Dream Decor)


(image found here)


(Hannah Blackmore via The Design Chaser)



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