2014 Bucket Lists: Halfway Point

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It’s so hard to believe that 2014 is halfway over! While the first half of the year has gone by quickly, we’ve been finding time to work on those Bucket Lists and accomplish some good things this year. Check out our midway point check ups below!


imageWork hard for a body I can be proud of AND Run a 5k. I ran my first 5k on June 14… and my second on June 26! I haven’t been as focused on working hard on getting in shape as much as I have trying to train for those races but I’m really proud of my accomplishments with running them and hope to get back to focusing on strength and toning soon!

Learn everything about my camera inside and out. C and I attended our first photography class a few weeks ago where we learned a little more about each of our cameras. I’m really excited to take the manual photography class and dive even deeper. This weekend I’ll be taking some product photos and get to play around with different backgrounds and techniques. I can’t wait!


20140702-083856-31136404.jpgTrain Frankie [our miniature schnauzer] basic commands. A few months ago Frankie “graduated” from puppy class. It was adorable, they even had a little hat for him, which as you can imagine was very difficult to keep on his head. He can do sit, come, look, down, fetch, etc. Now, does he do them always on command, or does he need a bribing with a treat? Well, he’s only 7 months so I guess we’ll just keep practicing!

Create a 2014 soundtrack by noting my favorite song every month. I’ve been listening to some amazing music lately all because I’ve been seeking out new music to add to my 2014 soundtrack. What I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past couple of months:

  1. West Coast & Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Rey
  2. Best Day of My Life and the rest of Oh, What a Life, American Authors
  3. Wildflower, The Janedear Girls
  4. I’m Ready, AJR
  5. Pompeii, Bastille

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