Homemade Cinnamon Peach Ice Cream

Under the Oaks blog: Homemade Cinnamon Peach Ice CreamA little-known fact about me is my obsession with ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip is my absolute favorite but I’m super into trying non-traditional flavors as long as they sound appealing. So after making an effort to be more conscious of where our food comes from, I decided that making my own ice cream would be a must (and because organic ice cream is a little pricy). I was also very intrigued about making ice cream without an ice cream maker and if I’d like it just as much. I tried the yogurt to frozen yogurt suggestion I’ve seen everywhere (simply sticking a yogurt cup in the freezer) and did not like the flavor or texture one bit so making ice cream from scratch was going to be interesting.

A few weeks ago, we saw peaches at Trader Joe’s and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. I’ve also been on a cinnamon kick lately and decided that I had to find a recipe for Cinnamon Peach Ice Cream. I settled on a fairly simple Rachel Ray recipe from her magazine and decided to try out a non-machine method from David Lebovitz called the Freeze & Stir Method.

Under the Oaks blog: Homemade Cinnamon Peach Ice CreamA few alterations to the recipe: I used white peaches instead of regular yellow peaches. I also bought heavy whipping cream vs. heavy cream. I don’t think either made much of a difference. After I get into the rhythm of machine-less ice cream making, I want to play around with using alternative ingredients to make it a little less bad-for-you, like stevia and coconut or almond milk.

All-in-all it was pretty simple from start to finish. It took me two nights because I did it after work during the week. If you recreate what I did, it will take you roughly 7 hours including chilling of the mixture before freezing. I’d recommend a lazy Saturday so you can enjoy with a nice Summer dinner from the grill later on!

Do you make your own ice cream? What method do you use or do you have a favorite machine?


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