Summer Grilling Recipes

As I mentioned in Sunday’s post my husband and I are heading to North Wisconsin on a 4th of July vacation. In fact one week from now, we will be boarding a plan and checking out of reality for one full week. I’m looking forward to the rest, relaxation, weather (it will be much cooler), time spent with my love, and of course the lake and nature’s beauty.

Who am I kidding, I’m really looking forward to eating. There are certain things I miss about the great state of Wisconsin and one of those things happen to be certain foods. Real cheese curds, Italian House bread, Point Root Beer, Frostie Freeze ice cream, Culver’s, Ella’s Deli, Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer … believe me, I’m anticipating a 2-3 pound weight gain. However, I’m also looking forward to grilling out as much as possible. At our little oasis in Park Falls, I cannot wait to light up the grill and enjoy all the flavors of summer.

I’ve started to presearch some recipes to take with us [and by take I mean print because Lord knows what kind of cell service I’m going to have, I doubt Pinterest is going to be working at optimum speed]. Below are some grilling recipes for veggie baskets, varied kabobs, sweet treats, and even breakfasts.

uto_veggie basketsGrilled Vegetable Basket via Paula Dean, Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/ Pineapple via Kraft, Roasted Greens w/ Peppers found on Evernote


uto_kabobsGrilled Balsamic Salmon Kabobs via eat, live, run, Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs via Nature Box, Coconut Milk Marinated Lamb Kabobs via Spoon Fork Bacon


uto_sweet treatsS’mores Dessert Pizza via You Made That?, Bourbon Brown Butter Sauce Peaches via fifteen spatulas, Grilled Banana Boats via BuzzFeed


uto_breakfastGrilled Donuts w/ Espresso Sauce via BuzzFeed, Chive, Cheese, and Egg stuffed Peppers via Char-Broil, Lumberjack Breakfast via Echoes of Laughter


Feel free to link to some of your favorite grilling recipes in the comments below! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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