Have a streamlined week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a streamlined week.

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This week is all about getting it together. I’m only a few weeks away from life sort-of returning back to normal. I ran my 5K yesterday (yay!!) and have my 10K coming up in less than 2 weeks (more about all that on Tuesday). Since training is coming to an end, this madness of a training schedule can finally incorporate strength training and fun classes (along with the running of course!) and life in general can as well, since I’ll have some more flexibility to take a night off from working out during the week to say “yes” to spur of the moment invites. I’ll also have more time to plan out a routine for blogging and growing that part of my life.

My plan is to schedule a time to sit down with my laptop, calendar, and a notebook and write out what the Summer looks like, what my goals are for each area of my life, and draw out some timelines with as much detail as possible. Before our wedding in 2012, I was a list maker to the extreme. I had to-do, to-buy, to-make, to-write lists for every area of my life, some with more detail and structure than others depending on the list. I still have lists and timelines and the rest of that stuff but I’ve moved all of it online so I can have it with me everywhere. The only problem is that I haven’t committed to a program online that works for me. Most of my things are on Google Docs, which I’ll probably stick with but I’ve been playing around with Evernote and really like it, too. That will be part of my process this week, to find a system that works for me, something simple, easy, and streamlined. Do you have any productivity programs or websites that you use and recommend? Please share! Hope you all have a  streamlined week! — Annie


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