Have a sweet week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have a sweet week.

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I’m going to honest here, in my current state I am feeling a little bitter, perhaps also a little glum. After completing my full week of work last week on Friday I picked up Frankie and his new accessory “the cone” from the vet where he was officially made sterile, cried with him on our mile drive home, and sadly put him in his crate where he couldn’t do himself harm. After this I re-opened my computer and worked until midnight. All weekend I have been balancing between babying my baby and working. So, I’m feeling a little bitter that I’ve worked a second 40 hours, after my first 40 hours, and after I go to bed tonight I will start another 40 hours. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

The only way I know to beat bitter is with a little bit of sweet. And what sweet do I mostly have in mind: the lovely, and amazingly beautiful macarons. They are sweet, but airy, as well as time-consuming to make which would be the perfect thing to take my mind off of anything that might be making me just a little too bitter (“bitter, party of one”).


I’ve scouted a few recipes that I’d like to try out as soon as possible. Above from top right clockwise: Ghirardelli S’more French Macarons from One Sweet Appetite, Raspberry Meyer Lemon from Gastronomical Goodies, Almond with Almond Buttercream from heo yeah yum, and finally Green Tea from My Lemony Kitchen. My mouth is literally watering.

What is your favorite macaron? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



One thought on “Have a sweet week.

  1. I had my very first macaron at a bridal shower a couple weeks ago. YUM! Though I think they might be one of those indulgences I will happily purchase instead of make myself. However, if you ever decide to make a batch & need a taste-tester…

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