DIY Succulent Gardens

Under the Oaks blog : DIY Succulent Gardens

I am always wanting to add more life to my home, a little green to every space. Problem is, I’m a plant killer. No, I’m a plant abandoner, therefore not a meditated murderer, but murderer nonetheless. The last plant I added to my home was in our master bathroom remodel. That plant is dead. In fact, I just re-used the container it was in for my new succulents.

I think succulents are pretty, my cat isn’t interested in eating them, and my chances of keeping them alive are much higher. AND they only need to be watered every few months. Perfect plant for fellow plan abandoners.

This project was pretty easy for me. I spent about an hour picking out succulents from Homewood Nursery & Garden Center here in the City of Oaks, and another hour planting. Homewood Nursery  is amazing by the way, it is huge, beautiful, and it has a succulent bar! Then I popped in at Home Depot and supplemented by succulent purchase with some soil cover pebbles, Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix and a few miscellaneous pots (in addition to some pots that I reused from home) and was on my way to my own succulent garden.

Under the Oaks blog : DIY Succulent Gardens

In potting my succulents I followed this infographic via The Artist & The Architect to a T. Thin layer of pebbles, followed by a quick draining soil, and added succulent. I also added pebbles to the top to give it a cleaner look (and to keep my cat from trying to eat the soil).

Under the Oaks blog : DIY Succulent Gardens

Voila! Succulents!

Place your bets below to how long you think I’ll keep these alive! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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