Do This Month: Spend a little, Save a lot

photo1Happy June! Summer is finally here and for a lot of people, that means vacations! For Jason and I, that means a lot of home renovations, which means spending money we’d love to be putting towards fun Summer vacations instead. Currently, we’re putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom and hope to move back in next week. After that’s done, the big projects start like installing a second full bath where one does not exist now and a full kitchen renovation. On top of that, growing our family! So with all that on our plate, June is going to be our month to cut some bills down and save where we can.

  1. Use cash and start a jar. We still have a change jar that we will drop our coins into whenever we have change but it’s not as lucrative as it used to be because we never carry cash anymore. Instead of using your debit card or a credit card, take some money out for the week and only use cash. Then take the change and throw it in the jar. It’s the easiest way to save money instantly and, if you keep it where you don’t see it, it really is out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Know your credit card rewards and use them. If you don’t like the idea of using cash or it seems to difficult, find out what rewards you earn on your everyday credit card. Currently, using our primary credit card at restaurants earns us 5% cash back. On another card, we can view and save special offers, like $5 cash back when you spend $30 or more on gas at BP. You just add it to your card and save instantly when you use it. But make sure using your credit card rewards are actually beneficial. Our cards are 0% APR so we actually see the benefits. We wouldn’t use them if they weren’t!
  3. Bring your lunch and reward yourself. For every day you bring your lunch, come up with an amount you think you’re saving and put it in savings. Most of my lunches out are around $10 so I cut it in half and “pocket” $5. $20 a week for the summer equals $240 by the end of August. Adds up quick.
  4. Skip happy hour. This is harsh, I know. But those drinks aren’t just drinks. Their 2 drinks, plus dinner, and maybe a night cap.
  5. Cancel your Netflix. First of all, it’s Summer. You should be spending it outside! Second, if you’re caught up on past seasons of Scandal and Mad Men like we are, there’s really nothing else for you. Plus, you can always sign up again when you need to.

What else can you do to save a little money this month? — Annie


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