Thoughts on a Long Weekend…

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I think I’m the wrong kind of long-weekend person. This weekend was busy for us as most of our Summer weekends usually are. First, we had our nephew’s high school graduation on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Then Saturday night we went to dinner with friends and then came back to our house for a campfire. On Sunday, we headed to Charlotte for the Nascar race. Jason’s company is a sponsor for the race so we got to go for free and bring my sister and her family with us. It was a really long day and an even longer Monday. Our schedules were completely thrown off and during our 9:30p dinner, I realized that I may be going about this the wrong way.

I feel like it’s a natural change. At some point, I came to accept that making plans on a week night, even if it’s just for dinner, can’t happen as much as it did before. I’m not as excited to get all dressed up and go crazy for my birthday or New Years Eve. Quiet dinners at home are most often more fun than a fancy dinner at an overpriced restaurant. It’s a shift and I feel like it was a necessary shift, for me, in becoming an adult. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good girls night out once in a while but I’d much rather have people over for a cookout nowadays. I’ve been noticing it more lately after long weekends like this past weekend. I feel like I’ve taken some steps back. We have so much to do with our home renovations and having 3 full days to work on those would help. I sometimes think about that before making plans for the weekend but I always get so caught up in the idea of Summer and trying to make the most of the long days. Maybe Summer would last longer if I slowed down a little and actually enjoyed the quiet moments too.

The next long weekend is for July 4th. I’ve thought about what we could do that weekend: go to the beach, go camping, have a party. But after this weekend, I decided to block out that weekend on my calendar. We’re going to make it really count.

How do you like to spend your long weekends? Has it changed over the years?



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