Have a beachy week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have a beachy week.

Greetings from Oak Island! This weekend my better half and I added an extra day to our already extended weekend and sprinted off to the beach, Oak Island NC to be exact. I’d love to tell you all about it, but you’ll have to wait until Thursday for my Oak Island Must-Do list. Right now I’m too busy soaking it all in. Don’t miss Thursday’s post!

I think of my grandfather often, but before he passed I never thought about him as my grandpa the soldier. In my mind he was always the joker, the man that brought a smile to your face. It wasn’t until hearing the military cadences at his funeral that I really thought about my grandfather, the soldier. This year I commemorate my grandfather, the soldier, the keeper and protector of our freedom. Tomorrow morning I will catch the sunrise and say a silent prayer of thanks to him, and all those who may not have been as awesome as my grandpa, but who protected me and my freedom just the same.

Please find the time this week to give thanks to someone who has, or currently extends protection to you and all your loved ones. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

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