Women in the Workplace [Honoring Our Mothers]

Under the Oaks: Women in the Workplace [Honoring Our Mothers]

Continuing on this week in honor of our mothers and females alike, today we are sharing an empowering infographic that was shared with us by one of our readers [Miss Jenny]. The information and graphic are shared from Human Resources MBA [for which we are not affiliated].

Last week we featured posts about two inspiring, empowered blogger women within our community: Kristin of bird & beau and Kelly of Boost Interactive Media. These women do what they love, and love what they do. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a very broad assumption, but a strong gut feeling tells me that sometime within their lifetime they were truly inspired by another female that did what they loved, and loved what they did. Aren’t we all at some point? Haven’t you had that one [hopefully more] woman in your life that made you think, “She’s pretty badass. If I had her tenacity, courage, and strength I could do anything.”

I genuinely feel that you don’t have to have a fancy corporate job, for which you sit at “the table”, in order to be deemed a powerful woman in the workplace. Your workplace might be your home, a studio, a grocery store, etc. I feel it doesn’t matter where your office is, as long as you are somewhere that you can find passion and want to give your all; somewhere where you feel inclined and encouraged to keep trending towards equality between sexes within the workplace.

Under the Oaks: Women in the Workplace [Honoring Our Mothers]
What are your thoughts on this infographic? Enlightened? Empowered? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


One thought on “Women in the Workplace [Honoring Our Mothers]

  1. I was absolutely inspired by other women to do what I love, namely my mom who went back to college when I was in middle school to become a graphic designer! Also, art teachers, fellow artisans, designer free-lance friends. I am lucky to have a lot of inspiring ladies in my life (and fellas too for that matter)!

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