Have a motherly week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have a motherly week.
Happy Mother’s Day friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mothers, and your mother’s mothers. On this day may you be hyper-aware of all the mothers you know and the sacrifices and love they give at will with no limits on a daily basis, because let’s be honest … mothers should be celebrated every day. Am I right?

Annie and I both live a good distance away from our mothers, so I know that I’m not alone in saying that I miss my mother dearly every single day. She’s always been supportive of all my crazy dreams, she gave me life, I got all of my great dance moves and music taste from her, and she gave me away at my wedding. She’s a pretty cool lady to say the very least.

Please take the time today to give rightful praise to all the special mother’s in your life, they’ve earned it. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

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