Guest Post: Raleigh Resources for Building Your Website

raleighresourcesforwebsiteAt the most recent NC Blogger Buzz, we had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Phillips, the CEO of Boost Interactive Media! She is also the creator of WP Plugin Coach, training to help you hit it out of the park with your WordPress Website. She lives near Raleigh with her son and husband.


Kelly is taking over the blog today to bring you some really awesome Raleigh resources to help you build the website of your dreams with local help! We learned a ton from this post and hope you find her info super helpful in your website endeavors. Without further adieu…

I remember building my very first website. It was the early 90’s and the only way to build a website back then was to write the code. Geek that I was, I had a blast learning HTML and doing “cool” things like making the text blink!

Times have changed and websites have come a long way since then! Technology has made it incredibly easy for you to build your own website. Maybe you have family who lives far away – why not create a website to bring everyone together online?  Or maybe your life is so funny that you’d like to become a blogger and share your laughter with the world?

One thing I love about Raleigh is the large and diverse amount of groups and events you can attend.  You can find help to learn and share just about any topic under the sun – including how to build your own website. If you are a blogger or a business owner or just want to learn how to build your own website, I’ve pulled together a few excellent resources to help you out.

Girl Develop It RDU

If you want to get serious about learning code and building a website, Girl Develop It has live classes that will teach you what you need to know.  This group’s mission is to empower women of diverse backgrounds from around the world to learn how to build your own website and develop software. Go here for more information:

WP Plugin

If you want hands-on classes from someone who has been building websites and teaching computers for over 20 years, attending one of my classes is sure to get you moving along with your website.  Classes are short – usually one day or a half-day – and immerse you in specific topics that help you add functionality to your website.  Go to to view the schedule.

Wake Tech Community College Continuing Education Classes

You’ll also find me teaching WordPress at Wake Tech’s West Campus in Cary. Classes meet twice a week for four weeks. In WordPress Essentials you’ll learn how to build your website from scratch all the way through taking it live. In WordPress Advanced, you’ll learn how to take your website further with things like video, monetization, SEO and more. You can check the schedule and register at the Wake Tech Website.

Raleigh SEO Meetup

If you want to learn how to drive free traffic from search engines to your website, this is the group to join! The Raleigh SEO Meetup is completely free and full of valuable information for people at any level of website skill.  Go to to join and get notified of the monthly event.

Raleigh WordPress Meetup Group

The Raleigh WordPress Meetup Group is a great place to meet web designers and other do-it-yourself website builders. It’s free to join. Go to to join and get notified of the monthly event.

I hope to see you at one these great places! If you’d like more information on how to use WordPress to build your website, you can get WordPress tips and a list of the best WordPress Plugins at WP Plugin Coach.


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