3rd Anniversary: Turning Gifts into Experiences

20140430-215815.jpgAs I get older I value experiences more than gifts. Creating an experience means you’ve spent time thinking about your significant other enough to want to create a new memory with them and I think that is pretty special to anyone. This week my husband and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss and made our own memories. Below are some ideas I’ve thought of where you could incorporate a traditional leather anniversary gift, but turn it into a special experience instead of something that gets stuffed in the back of the closet, or hidden away in a drawer.

[1] Share something stylish and hit the town. Perhaps get her a beautiful bag like the Bleecker Preston Satchel in Mixed Media via Coach and for him this Oversize Brown Leather Mercer Chronograph watch. Get dolled up and hit the town!

Maybe once a month for the following year of your marriage you could vow to get dressed up together and go out to a new restaurant, or to a play or concert, or even get out of town for a night away.

[2] Get their car tricked out and go for a spin! If your spouse has leather (or pleather, that still counts) interior in their car get their car detailed for them. Give them the feeling of having a brand new car. Then, take it for a spin! Maybe you have an outdoor theater nearby (there are so few left, so lucky you if you do) you could go to a movie.

Or, if you live in the city you could drive out somewhere remote with a picnic, some blankets, and go star gazing.

[3] Splurge on a big ‘ol leather chair and have a date night in. Let me set the scene: a cozy leather chair that cozily seats two (like the Turner from Pottery Barn), a couple of lit candles (my favorite are by Voluspa, and to stay with the theme you could try Suede Blanc), a rom com, wine, popcorn, and … don’t worry, I’m keeping this PG.

I also love the idea of adding a keepsake chair to your home that has a great sentimental value and can be passed on to future generations. Plus, I just really love this chair!

[4] Gift a leather luggage tag with a weekend getaway. I love these Transit Issue Luggage Tags via Toms designed by Apolis where proceeds are used to create jobs for artisans in the U.S. Pair the tag with a weekend trip to the beach, or a quick jump to New York, or even a nearby B&B.

What are some other gifts turned into experiences that you can think of? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

2 thoughts on “3rd Anniversary: Turning Gifts into Experiences

  1. We can keep on with the traditional 3rd year leather theme and book a trail on the beach/in the mountains/in your backyard. A nice, comfy leather saddle and beautiful scenery make for a great experience!

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