Annie’s Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodelAlmost a year ago, I wrote about the renovations we are doing to our house. I spoke about our hopes for last 4th of July weekend: building our deck. That actually still hasn’t happened but several other, more “important” (depending on who you ask!) tasks have been completed or are in the works!

We have 3 bedrooms and, after finishing the office, all of our storage got moved to the second (guest) bedroom where it lived for several months. The storage included all of Jason’s tools so a work space for small projects around the house was really nonexistent. The shed became high priority if anything else in the house was to get done. So we worked this winter to get that all done!

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodel #shedAfter cleaning out the second bedroom, Jason finished up the closet in there. The shared wall between the two small bedrooms is where each room’s closet is located. We had a chimney that was no longer in use so we opened up that wall, took out the chimney, and created more space for each closet. Pocket doors were installed for each, which is a huge space saver. He installed the ceiling fan, we painted, put up curtains, and moved our bedroom into our nice newly done room to start demo on the master suite. Although it’s not the master, the second bedroom is perfect for us and I love the warm color we put on the wall. I’m thinking about making that our new base color for the rest of the house!

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodel #guestroom #closet #beforeafterCurrently our house looks like a hoarder lives there. I’ve gotten used to living in a construction zone but it’s harder when stuff isn’t where it’s supposed to be, like everything that goes in our bathroom closet hanging out in our hallway because we demoed the closet last weekend!

The master bedroom is getting the facelift at the moment. Creating our master closet was the first order of business. Jason took a small section of the guest bedroom out to relocate the closet in the master. I believe we are more than doubling our space in there, which hopefully means all of our clothes will fit! No pocket doors on this one so we are in the process of picking out and ordering the right doors for the space.

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodel #masterclosetThe old closet is on the wall with the bathroom closet so both of those were gutted and we are splitting the extra space between the master bathroom and bedroom.

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodelAs for the other projects, check out the list below. I’ve updated and highlighted the newly completed tasks. We still have a long way to go but I’m glad things are in progress!

Annie’s Renovation Reality To-Do List:

Living Room:
– Install new ceiling fan
– Tear down some of the wall leading to the dining room
– Take out front door
– Install built-in shelves/ window seat/ desk unit where door used to be
– New windows
– Install patio door
– Crown molding

Dining Room:
– New front door
– New window
– Agree upon, purchase, and install new lighting
– Crown molding

Hook up gas line
– GUT!
– Brick in current window and half of door to turn into over-the-sink window
– Install tile flooring
– Install hood vent, over the stove microwave
– New fridgedishwasher, stove, cabinets

Outside Laundry Room + storage/ Water Heater / Hall Closet / Half Bath:
– Gut half bath
– Open to laundry room
– Purchase and hook up new stackable washer/dryer
– Brick in laundry room door
– Move plumbing to move and stack w/d
– Demo hall closet and close in to create one big room
– New tub, shower, toilet, vanity, laundry doors
– Purchase and install tankless water heater

Take out chimney in closet
Open closet and install pocket door
– Install new ceiling fan
– New window
– Crown molding

Second Bedroom:
Move door back
Open closet and install pocket door
– Install new ceiling fan
– New windows
– Crown molding

Master Bedroom:
Move closet to other wall
Demo current closet
– Move door to hallway to create master suite
– New windows
– Crown molding

Master Bath:
– GUT!
Take out closet
– New standing shower, vanity, toilet
– New window

Build shed
– Build deck
– Build patio
– Move firepit
– Install fencing
– Landscape front and back yards
– New roof
– New siding
– Paint exterior
– Replace iron railings on front porch with wood
– Paint front porch
– New exterior lighting


What projects do you have going on around your house right now?

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