To my future self…

Under the Oaks blog: To my future self...

I am officially in the last year of my twenties. This post was originally titled “To my twenty-something self…” and I was struggling with writing it because I didn’t want it to be about regrets and things I should have done differently. There are plenty of those but they’re meaningless. Those decisions got me here whether I like it or not but have no bearing on how my future will turn out. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my twenties, it’s to not waste energy dwelling on the past! There are several things I could say to my younger self that are personal and unique to my story: “Don’t accept that job offer.” “Make the effort to stay in touch with that one friend” “Spend your money on a trip home instead of that meaningless whatever”. There are several things I could say that are pretty general and would apply to most people’s stories. This post is different and the fact that I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my future self says volumes about how far I’ve come in my twenties and how the last year of this decade will [hopefully] play out.

I decided to write to my future self also because I have found myself in several situations where one decision I made in the past saved me time or energy or even grief in that moment I was in. Procrastination seems to be part of this and making those decisions to start or get ahead in a project has saved me a few times. A lot of it is preparation but a lot of it is knowing myself well enough to know what I’ll need when the moment comes. I’m not a fan of wasting time so I’ve found myself doing the work now to avoid time wasters in the future.

Under the Oaks blog: To my future self...

To my future self…

Keep saying “yes” to everything you can but realize when you must say “no”.

Dance. Right. Now.

Look how far you’ve come. Don’t turn back now.

Life was never fair but you’ve never let that stop you.

You are so lucky.

Bangs are not your style.

Give it a week, then see how you feel.

You don’t miss your twenties. Don’t ever say that again.

You’re not too old.


What can I add to the list?

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