Have a non-taxing week.

Under the Oaks : Have a non-taxing week.

Welcome to the week of April 15th. Joy.

Over a glass of wine on Friday afternoon Annie and I talked about this week. We talked about the joy of completing your taxes as a young adult versus the burden of filling them out as an adult. We mulled over the fear of missing something valuable, or knowing that your going to be out a sum of money (versus the government owing you like in college).

So here I am filling out my taxes for the last year. Stressing over the taxing details and all I can think of is how beautiful it is outside right now, or how much I’m looking forward to my workout this afternoon, or tonight’s episode of Long Island Medium.

Right now I vow to procrastinate no longer, finish these silly taxes, pay my dues and move along. Instead of being bogged down by the details I’m thinking about all the neat things to look forward to this week like 3 fun blog posts (Tuesday is about saving money, Thursday a shoe closet reveal, and a Friday a review on a book of etiquette along with a funny childhood story), a 4-day work week, working in the sunshine on the patio at work, and celebrating Easter.

Sounds like a pretty great week. Take that taxes!

If you too have waited to complete your taxes, I wish you luck! Don’t let it get you down, resolve to make the rest of the week non-taxing. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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