Take Your Pup for a Walk [in Raleigh]

Under the Oaks : Take Your Pup for a Walk [in Raleigh]Since adding Frankie to our family I’ve begun to take advantage of the of the outdoor, pet friendly places that Raleigh has to offer. To my enjoyment, Raleigh has proven to be quite the pet friendly city: a few dog parks, plenty of walking trails, and even outdoor eateries accepting of your fury friend. As the weather progressively gets warmer, and warmer I cannot wait to bring the Frankster with me to the Farmer’s Market where there will be so much for him to see [also, he loves the attention].Under the Oaks : Take Your Pup for a Walk [in Raleigh]Our first outdoor experience together was when Frankie was about 12 weeks old and every time he saw another dog would go absolutely nuts (barking, jumping, etc.). I decided we needed another puppy, or to visit a dog park. Using the City of Raleigh Off Leash Dog Park page as well as Bring Fido, I decided on the Millbrook Exchange Dog Park [because the husband said no to another puppy]. When we go to the park there was a walking trail around the two separate parks [big dog, small dog areas] which was great because Frankie was nervous and walking around all the [fenced in] barking, playing dogs helped relieve his anxiety. After a little bit of walking we chose the small dog fenced in play area. At first I kept him on his leash and let him scope out the area. When I felt he could handle it I let him loose and he ran and played with the other dogs, but he was mostly interested in the human interaction with all the other puppy parents.

The best part about the dog park was that Frankie was exhausted when we got home! I also really liked how the Millbrook Exchange had separate areas for big dogs and small dogs. Frankie was anxious enough without being pinned to the ground by a dog 6 times his size.

Under the Oaks : Take Your Pup for a Walk [in Raleigh]

Within the past few weekends Frankie and I have taken advantage of the Capital Area Greenway Trail System. I had no idea there were so many beautiful, peaceful places in Raleigh to take your dog for a walk. We first tried the Shelley Lake Loop which is 2.1 miles of paved walkway around Shelley lake. It was beautiful and peaceful, but also very busy and lots of other dogs for Frankie to interact with as we passed others on the trail.

This past weekend we got up a littler earlier on Saturday and walked the Lake Lynn Loop, a 1.9 mile trek. Same benefits of Shelley lake, but we found we liked the walk a little more than Shelley Lake only because it was a mere 5 minute drive away from our home. Bonus!

Where ever you decide to take your dog for a walk always remember: poo bags and water for your pup!

Where do you like to take your dog for a walk, or play? Post suggestions below! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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