Do This Month: Something for Yourself!

Under the Oaks blog: Do This Month: Something for Yourself! #quote #pampering #indulge

Here it is, guys. Your permission slip to be a little selfish this month. April is the month for rejuvenation so naturally it’s the perfect month to do a little something you’ve been wanting to do for yourself. It’s good for the soul. Now this isn’t a time to indulge in something that really isn’t good for you, like a Friday night full of chick flicks and junk food. I’m talking about the kind of good-for-you that you need to make time for, maybe even plan a little for. I thought about posting some suggestions of things you could do but, to get the most out of this, you really need to come up with this on your own. One woman’s indulgent bubble bath is another woman’s challenging yoga class, relaxing massage, or even a crazy weekend getaway. Your time and monetary commitment are definitely something personal and must be incorporated into the decision but realize that every once in a while you need to focus on you.

I’m already doing something for myself that I should have done a long time ago: get healthy. That will also benefit other people in my life though, so I don’t consider it just for me. Since April is also my birthday month, I usually splurge a little somewhere as a present to myself but this year, I’m going to do something a little simpler, cheaper, and more productive. I’m going to cherish my time alone. Sometimes I spend a lot of the time by myself waiting for Jason to get home or in between gym classes or appointments. Sometimes I make time to be by myself to read, catch up on podcasts, or do blog stuff. This month, I’m going to consciously use much of my alone time quietly, not listen to music, and focusing on just being. Like Crystal, one of the goals on my bucket list is to get into a regular yoga and mediation schedule. Yoga is happening but I’m finding it hard to quiet my mind during this time, which makes practicing a little less beneficial. Quieting the mind is a habit and it takes work. So I’m going to work on that for myself because I will get the most benefit out of that practice in the long run. And maybe I’ll get a pedicure, too!

What will you do for yourself this month?

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