Have a normal week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a normal week. #pitbulls

This is my normal. His name is Jackson.

Each Sunday I prepare for the week ahead, as I’m sure many of you do. I grocery shop, plan meals, outfits, workouts, and look ahead to the next weekend to make sure I’m ready when that comes. On a pretty consistent basis, I find myself saying, “I need to do that this week” or “I’m going to start that this week”. It’s a constant struggle to be better, do better, and feel better. We talk about reevaluating and renewing to start fresh sometimes but I think there’s one thing we really need to do that most of us may not do at all: let it be. I’ve noticed my weekend agenda has changed considerably over the past year. Jason and I have gone from packing our weekends with trips, outings with friends, date nights, happy hours, and anything else going on to focusing on ourselves, our home, our life together, and our future. We don’t sit at home doing nothing, just the two of us. There is some of that but it’s actually quite the opposite sometimes. Leaving our weekends unplanned has let us have some of the most fun, impromptu weekends ever and I’m cautious to say this but I think I like not being a planner anymore!

Take this Friday for example. After leaving work at noon like usual, I went to my planned yoga class then came home and mowed the lawn. I started a fire to get rid of some of the lumber we had left over from the shed and demo in the master bedroom and random firewood from last year. That turned into spending the whole night out, under the stars, talking, drinking, and, later on, spending time with my sister and her husband after they came down. The rest of this weekend didn’t really consist of much except for more renos and typical weekend things. That’s a pretty normal weekend for us. And as I write this on Sunday afternoon, I realize I feel normal. I don’t feel stressed, tired, or rushed and it feels great. It also helps me reconnect unforced to the blessings in my life and realize how great things really are. Thinking about my week ahead, we don’t have much planned until the weekend when the Rock and Roll Marathon is taking over Raleigh. I’ve signed up to volunteer on Sunday at the finish line so that is definitely not something normal. I can’t wait to see the runners come through and feel that excitement in the air over each and every one of those runner’s accomplishment.

So this week, step back and let it be. I know there are definitely things we can’t unplan or let go of. We have schedules for a reason. But instead of trying to fill it, use this week to see what it’s like to take things as they come. You could have your best week yet this year!

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