Have a bright week.

Under the Oaks : Have a bright week.Hello friends, and a happy Sunday to you! Pretty soon I’ll begin my Sunday evening routine [nails, deep conditioning mask, mud mask, general pampering, etc.] and as I typically run through my routine I like to internally recap the week prior before starting a new week. This weekend in particular was so wonderful for the Under the Oaks duo [Annie and I] that I just had to share. On Saturday Annie and I attended a restorative yoga class and ended the evening in fits of laughter over a game of Cards Against Humanity with friends. This morning we met in Durham at Brightleaf Square for brunch at Parker and Otis [see our recap on Thursday’s post]. In between all this fun I was able to fit in a few good workouts and attended an absolutely beautiful wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Art. *Phew, what a weekend!

Weekends like this remind me how important friends are and how precious time is. I often get caught in the “how many chores can I fit into this weekend” or “what projects can I check off my list” and I find myself heading into a new week just as exhausted as I was starting the weekend. Now feeling refreshed, I can start the week with a blank slate and can really put forth my true, refreshed self.

Under the Oaks : Have a bright week.Looking ahead to the days this week I’m thinking about how hectic my work life will be. However, with a clear mind I’m also thinking about the immense opportunities as well as the amazing weather forecast ahead: 70s and sunny, every single day! With my refreshed thinking I can mentally plan my days around finding some time in the sun (walk the dog in the morning, eat outside for lunch, open the windows for a little fresh air, etc.).

On another bright note, April starts this week and Annie and I both happen to really like the month of April. For Tuesday’s post we’ll share our love for April and on Thursday we’ll be recapping our brunch at Parker and Otis.

I wish you all a very bright week! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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