2014 Buckets Lists: 3 Month Check Up

Under the Oaks Bucket Lists: 3 Month Check UpTime for a check up y’all! ::hums:: “he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he’s knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake …” Have you been sticking to your Bucket List and/or New Year’s Resolution? It’s been almost three full months since you’ve made them so don’t feel bad, just reflect and reset. No worries, our bucket lists aren’t perfect either. Sometimes all you need is a friendly reminder [or blog post] to help encourage you to get back on track.


Successes: (1) Take one photo every day, (3) Select a space in my home to [re]organize every month and (5) Give back to the community once a month. Taking a photo every day is sometimes challenging because I’ll have days that are boring and not really photo-worthy, but what I’ve enjoyed is looking back from day-to-day and the memories that I’m capturing in photos that I might not have been as diligent in capturing before. Most photos consist of my pup, Frankie, but I’ve enjoyed capturing his growth from 4 pounds to a whopping 12 pounds. If you’d like to follow along you can do so on Instagram (follow @crystalzembal) or you can search #potd2014.

To Work On: (2) Send a letter or postcard every week to someone I love or care for deeply, (8) Explore meditation and (9) Take a class and learn something new. I started out sending letters regularly and then … life got in the way, or I couldn’t think of people to send to, or I thought of the same person. Blah, blah … excuses, excuses. I’ll work on that. Regarding meditation I’ve just recently begun doing so in the 10 minutes before bed time. It has been helpful, but I think I can take it to a new level. I’m thinking about taking a class [two birds, one stone]. Is there such a class? Can you make a suggestion?


Successes: The only item and can currently cross off is (3) complete a painting, which I shared on the blog here. Other than that, I have been (10) working hard for a body I can be proud of and training for my 5K race in June! Along with that, I’ve (7) taken a couple yoga classes and can’t wait to really make that a part of my routine. Meditation is a different story currently. We are also in the process of (1) learning to live more simply. We cancelled our cable a few months ago and have been on the Hulu train since. It’ s been pretty great and I feel a bit more free. Some days I just want to sit and watch TV and when I’m all caught up on the shows in my queue, I really can’t and get super bored so getting up and moving is happening more. And the money we’ve been saving has been *awesome*. I have (6) organized a lot of my photos, which I really didn’t feel as accomplished as I thought I would have after that feat. It did feel great though to clean up my desktop so I guess I’ll lump that in with this!

To Work On: I have not (2) baked, (5) picked up my camera in a while, (8) put anything on the walls or even attempted to see how to get those photos printed, and have not embraced (9) doing more for my husband as much as I should have these first three months. My schedule is super busy with my full time job and working out. The weekends have been alright but we are coming into a busy next few months so I really need to focus on ramping up the “Acts of Service” around here.

What have been your Bucket List successes so far this year? What will you focus on for the next three months?

One thought on “2014 Buckets Lists: 3 Month Check Up

  1. Picture every day is tough! I tried to make that my new year’s resolution so I could do a “Project Life” scrapbook this year. I don’t always remember. If I do, though, I usually just take a picture of the baby. Like Frankie, he’s always doing something photo-worthy, even when he’s just sitting there. lol You guys are doing really well on these goals! And we’re just barely in April! woohoo!

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