Have a musing week.


On this quiet Sunday I have a few musings bouncing around in my mind:

1) Annie and I went out for dinner, drinks, and dancing [the 3 Ds] with a delightful group of ladies last night. We stopped in at some of our favorite places and encountered way too many college students than typical [we later discovered it was because of the NCAA tourney in town]. Let me set the scene, we were dancing and all around us *flash *flash *flash. Paparazzi? No. Selfies. Or they were updating their Twitters or blowing up Instagram. Hey kids, there is a time and place for that, but you need to learn to live in the moment.

2) If I could give my younger self advice, I’d tell her to get over things quicker, that most of the things she was emotionally hanging on to were small peanuts. I would also tell her to live more in each moment. She would likely have thought I was a jerk, but I still would have tried.

3) I turn 30 in less than 6 months. Whoa, too many musings to touch on there.

4) I miss some of my favorite people desperately and I think it is so unfair that no one has developed a teleportation device yet. We’ve learned to make drugs from the comfort of our homes, and how to hack into someone’s life savings from across the globe, but not develop a way to quickly be by someone’s side when they need us the most? *Note to mankind: step up your game.

5) Mother Nature, please, no more snow. I want to plant things and I’m trying to house train my dog; show some solidarity why don’t you?

On Thursday Annie and I will be musing [reflecting] on our year so far, we’ll be taking a look at the buckets lists we drafted 3 months ago and staging a reset of sorts, to get back on track where we’ve fallen off or to encourage one another’s accomplishments [because that’s what friends are for].

Happy Sunday, welcome to a new week! It is what you make it, so make it good! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “Have a musing week.

    • Thanks so much Angela, and great job to both you and Ashley on such a well hosted [fun] event! And how awesome that it didn’t snow, must have been our wishful musings. 🙂

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