A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

Happy First Day of Spring, friends! This [past] winter has proven to be a tough one and I couldn’t be more excited to bring on all things spring. As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, we’ve been working diligently on our home’s curb appeal with one thought in mind: “if you build it, spring will come”.

We began our efforts this past fall by drastically changing the exterior color of our home. The last time the color had been touched was in 1999 when it was built and at the time the light blue color had likely been dictated by an HOA. Our home was in a desperate need for a coat of paint, and in a moment of bravery we chose a deep blue/green color with an antique white trim and black for the shutters and door. I’ll be honest [because that is what the internet is for] I had a panic attack when I saw the first coat of color; it was such a big change! Now that it has grown on me, we’d decided to tackle some other exterior projects to coordinate with the new color.

The before product …

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal… and after!

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb AppealQuick Ways to Add a Little Curb Appeal

1) Show your mailbox some love. Give the post a fresh coat of paint, change of the numbers, and voila: love given. I’d also like to put some flowers in around the bottom, but it’s been too cold for that, but stay tuned.

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal2) Give your door a facelift. We removed all of the tarnished gold hardware and replaced with a brushed silver, giving the door a more updated appearance. I also made this year-round wreath for a fresh look. It is all about first impressions, right?

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

3) Add hardware to your garage. Not too long ago I saw a pin on Pinterest in which the homeowner added carriage garage door hardware to their plain garage door. I love it so much I just had to replicate! I think it adds a nice, simple touch. Also, I was very bold and replaced all of the tarnished gold light fixtures on the exterior of our home. It was a proud moment for me to add “electrician” to my repertoire.

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal4) Out with the old [numbers], in with the new. Another simple update is to replace old house numbers. I found these simple black numbers at Lowes, but you could really get creative or find more decorative ones online. I just found the gold hard to read from the street.

Under the Oaks : A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

Some other projects we’d like to take on: landscaping, adding a path from our driveway to backyard, and in my magical world of unlimited funds I’d love to add a  brick facing around the large foyer window.

Do you have any pending curb appeal project, or projects that you’ve done in the past? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Curb Appeal

  1. WOW! I’m loving how you have re-vamped your house! They before and after is amazing, and I love the color! It was great meeting you last night at the blogger buzz!

    • Paige, you are so kind, thank you for your sweet comment! I was so nice meeting you at the NC Blogger Buzz, always a lovely time. 🙂

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