DIY : No Sew Pillows

Under the Oaks DIY : No Sew Pillows

I apologize in advance, today’s post will be a little misleading. I’m not going to give you instruction on how I made these DIY No Sew Pillows, but I am going to link you to the video I used in which to create them! Sometimes someone else does something so wonderfully that you think, why not give credit where credit is due?

This past weekend I did a lot of projects around our yard and house to give our home a little bit of a curb appeal facelift. We’d recently had our house painted, but did nothing else so it was as if we’d put on some concealer, but left everything else bare. One project that I’ve been meaning to take on since painting our house is repainting the bench on our front porch and covering the pillows to better coordinate with the new paint color.

Under the Oaks DIY : No Sew Pillows

I promptly began by spray painting the bench with a Valspar indoor/outdoor spray paint in black [to match the window shutters and door] and I took the old pillows and covered them in a left over burlap from my wedding [from 3 years ago]. I didn’t really want to spend a whole lot of time covering them because a) they are outside, b) burlap is difficult to sew and c) I’d recently seen a pin on Pinterest and thought, aha, something I can do in less than 5 minutes!

If you search via Google or Pinterest [pick your poison] you’ll get tons of returns on how to craft a no sew pillow from using glue, to ironing, to this simply fold and tie effect. The resource that proved to be the best was this YouTube tutorial. I literally watched and folded at the same time. By the end of the video I’d completed one pillow and promptly hit replay and did the other. So quick, so easy. My kind of project.

One thing I did do was use a little hot glue, for my own sense of security. I only glued in a couple of spots underneath various folds, gave the pillow a couple of good squeezes, and outside they went. I do love the natural knot, and how nice the fabric looks against the black bench. Also, if I hate it in a year or so, I can make a new ones, no biggie.

Under the Oaks DIY : No Sew Pillows

I also added this cute little crate from Michael’s under the bench with some flowers and a white pitcher. I don’t think I’m done styling it, but for now I am content.

Under the Oaks DIY : No Sew Pillows

You know the drill, check back in on Thursday where I’ll reveal the whole project … a curb appeal update! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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