Pick 6: Fishs Eddy


With a store like Fishs Eddy, it’s incredibly hard to only pick 6 items to feature. I’m pretty much in love with it all. Fishs Eddy is, to me, a classic New York City brand. They’re inventive, fresh, and always evolving all while keeping things pretty basic. It’s also the perfect gift store; you can find something for everyone at a great price point!

Here’s my [very] refined list of current favorites:

– 212 Tote Bag
Big Mistake
Elizabeth Cake Stand
Floorplan Tray
Squirrel Nutcracker
Vintage Flower Storage Bowls

What’s your go-to store for finding affordable gifts?

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2 thoughts on “Pick 6: Fishs Eddy

  1. Hi-

    This is unrelated to your last post, but i was wondering if you can tell me the fabric that you used for your PB Raleigh headboard? I love it, but they have so many choices and i am confused:(

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the comment! We had our Pottery Barn headboard covered in the Linen, Oatmeal fabric. There are sooo many choices! Let us know which one you select [or have already selected].

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