Have a restored week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a restored week. #running

This week it’s all about restoration for me. Restore, by definition, means to bring back a previous right, practice, custom, or situation or reinstate. Thursday was the last day of my initial 5K training with the training program I’ve been using and it was pretty awesome. I ran 3.14 miles in under 35 minutes. Then, I went for my first run without the app yesterday outside and it was miserable. Since I usually run on a treadmill, the change of scenery totally shook me up. I ended up running 3 miles in almost 37 minutes, which isn’t bad and it contributed to a very active Saturday so all was not lost. But I got thinking that I’m in a different place now on the path to reaching my goal of running a 5K race. When I started, I could barely run 5 minutes, now I’m capable of running over 30. This leg of training is all about improvement. I’ve met one goal but not yet the ultimate goal. I need to restore the drive for reaching that ultimate goal and restore my passion for running and exercise, the passion that’s been very strong up to this point. 

With the changing of the clocks last night, a restorative state is much needed for me in general. As I write this, I can feel the urgency to get other things done today because my internal clock has been thrown off. I feel behind. Now is the time to get out my long to-do list and reevaluate what’s necessary and what can be done later. What will help me this week get back to a state of mind where I’m ahead of the game and feeling in control again. I love that it will be lighter out for much longer now but. man is this Daylight Saving Time so much harder for me!

Last week I challenged you to make some art this month to renew your home a little to start getting ready for spring. On Thursday, I’ll show you all what I’ve created after restoring my love of painting and creating unique pieces. On Tuesday, I’ll share some of my fave things from a store that I’ve recently rediscovered and have fallen in love with all over again.

What have you been meaning to get back into for a while? How can you take the steps this week to restore your love or passion for it?

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