Under the Oaks Guilty Pleasures

Happy Fat Tuesday! Since today is all about indulgences, we decided to share our favorite guilty pleasures with y’all!

20140302-183912.jpgGuilty Pleasure #1 : A Sale

A clearance rack, a coupon, after Christmas specials, Goodwill, thrifting – I’m all about it. There is something about paying close to nothing for something that I want that makes me feel as though I could accomplish anything. If I put as much energy into saving my money as I put into finding a great sale I would probably be a couple of dollars better off.

Guilty Pleasure #2 : A Sweet

The quickest way to Crystal’s heart? Something, anything sweet. While I’ve had better self-control as of late, if you were to tell me that I was going to die a year from now, game over; there would be nothing but sugar entering this body. Nutella, ice cream, pie, Nerds, cupcakes, etc., etc. Please don’t pretend to be shocked, how is it that you think I got to be so sweet? You are what you eat.

Guilty Pleasure #3 : Binge Watching Netflix

I can literally watch hours of a show at a time. I like to justify it by “multi-tasking” but in all reality I likely would be a more productive adult if I didn’t watch 2 entire seasons of Scandal within one weekend.


Guilty Pleasure #1

BEER! I am a huge beer snob and I am very proud of it. I have a plate on the wall of a bar called Flying Saucer, which is the “prize” you get after drinking 200 different beers! After that, my love of beer has grown tremendously and now I pride myself on helping others find their love for beer, too!

Guilty Pleasure #2

I have an unhealthy obsession with magazines. I don’t know what it is but I get so excited to flip through a brand new issue each month. I’ve been able to curb my need for a new magazine every time I go to the store but that’s only after building up a stack of about 50 different ones that I need to go through!

Guilty Pleasure #3

Buying running gear is my newest guilty pleasure. It’s part a love for shopping and part motivation. I can’t wait to try out new gear after I get it which fuels my next workout so I don’t feel too guilty for it, except for buying the expensive gadgets. My favorite new gadget is my Fitbit and I scored it for half off so a little less guilt for that one but anything for the motivation, right?

What are your guilty pleasures? Are you giving anything up for lent?


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