Do This Month: Make your own art!


Since Spring is right around the corner, it’s time for spring cleaning and updates! One of my favorite ways to update our home is to make my own art and hang it to freshen up a room. I love being able to show off an original piece of artwork when people come over and know that there is no other exactly like it. I was inspired by this from several places online and the app I used to make the photo above. It’s called Fragment. I used a photo I took a few months ago and applied one of the presets from the app and created this awesome abstract image. I’m a little addicted.


Here are a few of my current inspirations, some with their own tutorials!

1. Unknown from Tumblr (if you know the origin of this please share with me so I can update!)
2. Maurie Hartel via Bona Fide Amor
3. Art from Meg Galligan’s San Francisco Home Tour on The Everygirl
4.Silhouette Canvas by Char from Crap I’ve Made via Tater Tots and Jello
5. Floral art from A Beautiful Mess
6. Upgrading your favorite art from Teal & Lime

What art will you make this month?

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