DIY: Coat Closet Makeover

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet MakeoverYou know those scenes in cartoons where the character opens a closet, items come pouring out, and they quickly shut it and you see items sticking out from behind the bulging door? Welcome to my former coat closet.

Let’s be real, closets are usually the last items to be thought of or touched in a home because, well, they are behind closed doors. However, this feat was my January space to organize [see Bucket List]. I was able to complete the project in about an hour and was even able to make a trip to Goodwill [check another item off the ‘ol Bucket List]. The project entailed donating items that hadn’t been worn in years, organizing the items that we’d forgotten about or thought we’d lost, and creating space for future storage.

Prep was easy: remove everything, bag the stuff to go, and pre-organize the stuff to stay.

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Next I hung these wire cubbies from Pottery Barn for general umbrella/poncho, glove/scarf, and scented sachet storage. We like to put these sachets in our coat and shoe closets, you can get them at places like Michaels, Kirklands, or other home stores for a few dollars. I laugh a little because I’ve been doing this for years and the other day my husband said, “I finally figured out why our shoe closet smells so nice,” and then proceeded to point out the sachet to me like it was an elf that put it there. Husbands.

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet Makeover

I [quickly] assembled the Tsujig bench from Ikea. We were lucky that if fit the width of the closet nicely. It is perfect for displaying my husbands cap collection [kudos to the reader that can easily guess which state he is from] and I was able to grab some baskets from Michaels [for dirt cheap] that fit nicely on shelves of the bench.

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet MakeoverThese hangers that I picked up from Ikea a couple of years ago add a nice touch to the closet. This is the only place within our home in which you’ll see hangers that a) all match and b) are of a nicer quality. Why not? They were fairly inexpensive and I really like being able to hand a guest a nice hanger to hang their jacket on.

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet Makeover

Have you recently taken on any home organization projects? Feel free to share below! I’m looking for inspiration … xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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