Have an inspiring week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have an inspiring week. #quote

Since this post is coming a day late, my topic today is slightly ironic. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately. With a full-time, not creative day job and being super focused on my 5k training in my free time, it’s no surprised to me why my creativity has been suffering. It’s a challenge though because I really need creativity in my life, maybe not on a daily basis but on a very regular basis. So when I find myself in a rut I think about small things I can do to get back into it.

What typically happens to cause my creative rut is that I take on too much and become overwhelmed and burnt out. My reaction is to shut down; hit the reset button. I take a breath. The length of this breath varies on how busy I am but I usually can’t go for more than a week without craving something creative to give my mind a break from the craziness. Per the quote above, just beginning is a great way to let that inspiration find you but sometime you need a little jump start.

Here are a few ways I find inspiration to kick me out of my rut:

  • Hop on Pinterest. I follow some of the most inspiring people so I find it very easy to be inspired by what I see after just a few minutes of scrolling.
  • Go over my creative to-do list. I have lists upon lists of things I want to see, do, make, plan, cook so avoiding the boring ol’ list of things I must do and looking through all the things I want to do puts those dreams back in my head and gives me some momentum.
  • Flip through old magazines or inspiration books. This is a pretty daunting task because I have several that I’ve been trying to go through for a while but I usually find myself with a pen and paper, ripping out pages, and making lists of topics I want to discuss and projects I’d love to tackle. It’s always a fun process.
  • Go exploring. I’ve been living in Raleigh for a little over 10 years now and there are still places I haven’t been or have only been to a few times. Playing tourist in my own town is so eye opening and allows me to focus on my true interests and the things I love to do. I find it often reminds me of interests I had forgotten about and brings me back to feeling myself again.
  • Reminisce. I’m sure I’ve mentioned a time or two that I was a very imaginative and creative kid. I would rearrange furniture on a regular basis to give myself a new perspective, paint my room and find new furniture to create spaces to fit my mood, and create collages to surround myself with inspiration. I wrote a lot and made up stories to transport myself to another world. I’m not sure when that imagination subsided and let real life take over but I miss it! Thinking about my childhood and the places my imagination would take me is probably the best fuel for inspiration I have. The ability to dream without worrying about achieving goals or making money or failing is second to none.

I’m going to take this week and make it inspiring. Whether I try to find it or let it find me, my creative energy is ready to be put to use. I hope you have an inspiring week, too!

What do you do to get out of a creative rut? Do you have a ritual or sure-fire cure for lack of inspiration? Share it below!

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