Planning for Denver!

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In just over 10 weeks, Jason and I will be heading to Colorado for the first time for one of my best friend’s wedding!

We will have a full 6 days to explore, not including the days we travel and the wedding day. Preliminary plans are to explore the city for a few days and, since we are big beer snobs, to hit up as many amazing breweries as we can (like Avery, Breckenridge, Oskar Blues, and Left Hand!) then take a few days trips. I checked out Red Rocks but unfortunately there are no shows playing while we’re there. So first is up to Cheyenne because, um, why not visit Wyoming once in your life? Plus it’s only an hour so there’s no excuse. Then, head up to South Dakota one day to visit Mount Rushmore and maybe take the long way back through Nebraska. If that happens, we will hit up 4 states and the overachiever in me is beyond excited. (Mental to-do list: buy a new two new camera batteries, plan and pack snacks and meals for the drives, stop buying things right now.)

For now, I’ll be pinning things to do, see, and places to eat, and figuring out what kind of weather to expect in May in the mountains of Colorado. We will be trolling Airbnb for places to stay and keeping an eye on flights. I am loving the non-stop from Raleigh to Denver, especially since I’m still not the biggest fan of flying.

If you have any suggestions on must sees, especially great spots for coffee and breakfast, one-of-a-kind shops, and great places to go hiking, please share!

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4 thoughts on “Planning for Denver!

  1. If you can, Estes Park. BEAUTIFUL. I love the coastal South, but if I were to ever leave it, it would be for Colorado. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Estes Park, besides being beautiful & wonderful for hiking, is the location of the historic Stanley Hotel, which is what house in The Shining was based on.

    • Hey fellow (former) New Yorker! I couldn’t agree more, especially with the crazy snow days. Hopefully there will be NO more of that this year. Thanks!

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