Have a waggish week.

Under the Oaks : Have a waggish week.

Welcome to a new week all, and boy am I happy for a new week! As I’m sure many of you read on the internet, or watched in the news, Mother Nature graced the South with her interpretation of a “snowpocalypse” and quite frankly being cooped up in a house for three straight days was rough. I’m looking forward to a little sunshine and warmth and spring cannot get here soon enough.

Thankfully the weather in this great City of Oaks never fails to surprise me. High 60s and 70s this week? Fine by me.

Under the Oaks : Have a waggish week.

When I think of spring and the ground thawing out I think of my days as a child growing up in a town that was known for being the City of Parks, as well as its 6 month long winters, which you can only imagine makes one even more gracious for spring. Now that we have a dog I’m even more excited for springtime in a park.

Even with the impending spring-like weather this week, we aren’t able to take Frankie to the park because he’s needing to endure one more round of shots before he can be around other dogs. However, to fulfill my own desire I recently signed up to partake in the Moore Square Park Beautification efforts in Downtown Raleigh because when I’m able to take my pup to the parks, I’d like a clean one to go to – Sign up here.

Could you make a similar effort in your town? Maybe even find a new park to take your pup and/or kids to this week?

Check back on Thursday, I’ll be covering some of my adventures in puppy training, and it sure has been an interesting journey!

Have a “waggy” week! xoxo ‘n lola, crystal


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