Love for the MoMA Store

pick6MoMAIf you’ve ever visited the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC, you’ve probably stopped by the store and never wanted to leave. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Every time I’m up there, I have to check out what they have for the quintessential NYC gift to bring back for friends or family (so much better than the typical souvenir!). Recently, I flipped through their latest catalog and found some really unique items and had to share. This is what I’m loving from MoMA right now.

  1. Inspired-by-SOHO File Holders
  2. Hedgehog Toothpick Holder
  3. NYC in a bag
  4. All in One Kitchen Tool Set
  5. Pixelated Argyle T-Shirt
  6. Animal Parade Puzzle

Have you ever shopped at the MoMA store? What are your favorite places to shop for unique gifts?

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