Welcoming Frankie to the UtO Family


He’s here, Sir Franklin has arrived! Frankie, a black and silver miniature schnauzer, officially turns 8 weeks today and weighs in at about 4 pounds. On Sunday I made the 3 hour drive down to Charlotte to pick him up, and he happily slept on the 3 hour drive home (minimal whining in the beginning). Blessed by a wonderful employer, I’ve been able to work from home the entire week so that I can establish a routine right away with our new addition.

On our first night together he only whined (in his stylish crate) at 1:30 am and 6 am which I considered to be not so bad! For the rest of our day the routine consisted of the following on repeat:

  1. Eating
  2. Potty Break
  3. Playing
  4. Potty Break
  5. Napping
  6. Potty Break
  7. Repeat


Never did I think I’d be so happy to see a dog do his business outdoors. A text sent to my husband during the day: “Frankie did #1 and #2 outside and he LOVED running around!”

Who doesn’t know how to spell Franklin? Apparently the receptionist at our veterinarian’s office (she made me spell it).

The cat (Alexander the Great) is okay with the new puppy … as long as he is in a crate or being held. Once let loose, let the hissing begin.

I’ve taken about 6 dozen photographs, 99% for which are “action shots”.

First time I heard Frankie really howl? When I put a collar on him. Yikes!

Boy do I love this ball of fur!



Welcome to the family, Frankie! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


4 thoughts on “Welcoming Frankie to the UtO Family

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