Have a crafty week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a crafty week.

You guys, January is almost over! I am so glad this is the last Sunday of the worst month of the year (in my opinion). January is so grey and gloomy and dark. It is the perfect month to stay inside and catch up on missed episodes of Scandal (like I’ve been doing!). But now we’ve come to the last week of January and it’s time to  get off the couch!

After seeing all the awesome photos from Alt Summit this week and meeting some incredible ladies through an online Blogger Hangout hosted by Rachel from 52 Weeks Projects and Lidy from HelloLidy, I am very inspired for 2014, both with the blog and offline. I am also back training for a 5k! That, in itself, has been an amazing way to shake off the blues (or January grays) and feel empowered. (Check out tomorrow’s post for more about this.)

This week I’m learning all about new ways to craft and create. I’m excited to step outside of my comfort zone and really immerse myself in creating. In doing so, I hope to accomplish some big goals that I have and turn some dreams into reality before the end of the year. I can’t wait to see what I can do and hopefully share my journey with you all. Until then, I’m challenging all of you to get crafty this week. Whether you’re into it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s a great craft holiday! Get out those reds and pinks and come up with something, anything, to give to your spouse, kids, friends, or coworkers. Not into DIYing? Bake something, decorate your home, or spice up your wardrobe with a little touch of love. Have a crafty week and let me see what you’ve got!

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