Have a studious week.

Under the Oaks : Have a studious week.

stu·di·ous / ˈst(y)o͞odēəs / adjective

1. spending a lot of time studying or reading.

This is the last week my home will be puppy-free for, well … hopefully a long time! And while I grew up with dogs in the family and my friend’s families, I’ve never actually been the sole care provider for a dog, which makes me nervous and excited. Therefore, every day this week I’m going to spend a couple of minutes with my nose in a book learning a little bit more about those first couple of months with a new dog.

A couple of things I’ve picked up so far:

  1. On the ride home with the puppy, don’t play loud music, but instead talk softly and gently to the puppy to get it used to your voice and scent
  2. If bred with a liter, bring something home with his mother’s and liter’s scent; place scented blanket/cloth in crate with puppy for the first couple of nights
  3. Within the first hours of being home don’t overwhelm the puppy by petting, playing, snuggling; let him be on his own so he can figure out his surroundings without being scared
  4. Training starts day one; just like humans, a dog’s learning brain is best at a younger age

Have any great resources to share, or great advice for bringing home a new puppy? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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