Have a cozy week.

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Tonight, Jason & I are kicking off the week with a Breakfast for Dinner party. That, to me, is insta-cozy because when I was a kid we usually had breakfast for dinner on nights when we’ve had a lazy day, especially snow days! It was always so comforting to break out of the typical dinner funk and it usually guaranteed a fun night ahead.

Posting my Winter Wishlist for a cozy home last week got me in full-on cozy mode so, this week, I’m making a cozy one. It’s the middle of January, “winter” is in full swing (as winter as winter can be in the south), the holiday glow is officially over, and we don’t get another scheduled day off until April! I’m ready to snuggle up, keep warm, and overdose on cozy. For the dinner party mentioned above, we are bringing one of my favorite comfort foods, Marble Pound Cake. Jason asked if that was really considered breakfast and I say yes! Since I typically enjoy a slice with morning coffee at Starbucks, it’s definitely breakfast food in my book. I’ll be sharing the recipe I use for Tuesday’s post. To continue with the cozy on Thursday, Crystal is sharing a DIY for the best cuddle buddies ever, the pups! And check out Crystal’s book review on Friday for a good read to cozy up with this weekend!

What will you be doing this week to stay warm and get cozy?

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