Blog Year One: A Recap!

Under the Oaks blog: Blog Year One: A Recap!

In December, we officially celebrated our first year anniversary as Under the Oaks! Today, we’re recapping your favorites and our favorites of the year.

Reader Faves

Thinking About Paleo by Annie

I am really not surprised by popularity of this post. Paleo was a big topic in general in 2013 and I feel like I found out about it right at its peak. I wrote this post hoping it would answer some questions that I had about paleo and some questions I was getting from friends and family about why Jason and I chose to start living a paleo lifestyle. It’s a great reminder why we started and how far we’ve come with switching to paleo. I’m excited to see how we can do better in 2014 and I’m already gearing up for a new post about it soon so keep your eye our for that.

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DIY: Aromatherapy Steam Shower Blends by Crystal

Honestly, this post was written on a whim. I had been researching varieties of DIY aromatherapy for the purpose of a “wake me up” as well as a “put me to sleep” and I was having a difficulty finding resources via Pinterest or regular old Google search. I figured I would try something new and share with the world because maybe someone out there was having the same difficulties as I (and that is what blogging is all about right, sharing?). I actually still use my aromatherapy blends and have been looking for other uses of essential oils.

Annie’s Faves

Under the Oaks : Blog Year One Recap

Looking back, my faves are definitely travel recaps. Jason and I did a lot of traveling this year and it’s so fun to look back on those posts to reminisce. The posts about Nashville are my overall faves: The Best of Nashvegas, How We Did Nashville in 68 Hours, and the Friday Surf Report: Nashville Edition.

Other great posts are Upstate New York: Corning + Seneca Lake Wineries and Canada: Niagara Falls + Niagara on the Lake

Crystal’s Faves

Under the Oaks : Blog Year One Recap

While I love sharing DIYs and room reveals, my favorite posts to write and read are those that expose opportunities for community volunteerism. One of the best things you can do with a platform is share your passions, and hope they are contagious. You’ll never see Annie and I write about politics because despite opinions (or differences in opinion) we both recognize that the most productive way to live Under the Oaks is to help our community with positivity through posts like: Have an Activated Week, Holiday Volunteer Opportunities, Have a Charitable Week.

I also enjoyed writing and sharing Remember Grandpa, Lean In Book Review, and The 5 Love Languages Book Review.

Again, we are so appreciative of your support throughout our first year! We are so excited to see what our second year brings and look forward to going through it with you!

With love,
A + C

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