Do This Month: Organize your Pinterest pins & boards

Under the Oaks blog: Do This Month: #Organize your #Pinterest pins & boards #january #resolutions

Happy January! Welcome to a new series here on Under the Oaks: Do This Month. I’ll be posting my monthly “to-do” on the first Monday of each month in hopes it will inspire you to pick up your list and tackle something or feel free to take my suggestion!

January : Organize your pins & boards

When Pinterest first came out I was pinning everything I liked, which is pretty much what you’re supposed to do, right? Yes and no. It depends on what you want to achieve with your pins and boards and I’ve realized that, by pinning everything that caught my eye, I had a very unorganized, cluttered, and uninspiring Pinterest.

Since we are finally ready to work on the inside of our house, I went through one of my home boards and realized that I had quite a few pins that didn’t fit my tastes anymore or had nothing to do with the direction we want to go in. I started deleting and realized I needed to do more. It was time for a change. With over 5,000 pins, I was overwhelmed so I stared with one board and went from there. Below I share some tips that helped me organize, find inspiration, and curate beautiful boards specific to my taste.

  • A good place to start is with a board you haven’t looked at or pinned to in a while. Those boards tend to have a lot of older pins that may not be inspiring to you anymore so delete them! Do those pins fit better in a different board? Move them over!
  • Break down a general board. My “home” board contained anything that had to do with my house. I broke that board down by room and also created boards specifically for organizing and outdoor living so I can pinpoint trends in my pins. This helps me see exactly what I want to do with a room and inspires me.


  • Name your pins accordingly. I find this incredibly helpful when it comes to my fashion board since I usually have something specific I’m looking for, like the black maxi dress above. I love that Pinterest’s search lets you choose between all pins and only your own. I use it for my recipe boards, also.
  • Consider a board for completed pins. This is especially great for DIYs and recipes.
  • I keep my realistic and dream pins separate.

How do you organize your Pinterest boards? What are your biggest challenges with keeping your pins organized? What else is on your January to-do list?

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