The Importance of Breathing During December

Under the Oaks blog: The Importance of Breathing during December

So I have a confession. I’m a little stressed out. I had another blog post for today planned, one that involved a little Throwback Thursday action to Crystal’s newsletter post last year and a Christmas card DIY I wanted to do for this holiday season, but that didn’t happen. Since returning from Thanksgiving break, work has been incredibly busy. I have been trying to get some projects finished up and accomplish some personal goals I set for my position before the end of the year but that is coming up much quicker than I can handle.

This week especially is tricky because work isn’t the only thing on my plate, as is the way for most of us this month. Today is our final staff meeting of the year, which is the best one of the year for a few reasons. Then tomorrow happens to be Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days of the year, is a pretty big day personally, which I look forward to sharing in a few weeks. This weekend is madness with babysitting for my sister’s kids while they go celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday, both Jason’s and my company Christmas parties are at the same time on Saturday, then Sunday involves major house cleaning and even more work on the shed trying to finish it up. I’m ready for next week to be vacation.

With all the madness going on the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a shift in attitudes lately. Everyone is stressed and everyone is expected to be. It’s a difficult time of year. But the thing is: you’re not the only one. I think people forget that sometimes. When you’re so frazzled and everyone seems to be working against you, you catch yourself being sarcastic or short with some undeserving victim or forgoing your usual politeness by forgetting to say please or thank you or hold the door. It’s difficult to watch it going on around you without being able to change it. For me, Christmas is a time for reflection and gratitude for blessings I have in my life not all the material things I wish I had. The older I get and the closer I am to having kids, the more I try to focus on how I can help others and what I want my children to know about what Christmas represents and what it definitely does not represent.

So I’d love to challenge you during this second-to-last weekend before the holidays to breathe. That’s it, just breathe. Light a candle, take a nap, put down the credit card, whatever you have to do to step back and remind yourself what this beautiful season is all about. Is it really about who got the best deal on the latest iPad or Xbox, both of which will probably have new and improved versions next Christmas for you to spend even more money on? No. So stop yelling at the seasonal cashier who didn’t take the 5% discount off your incredibly overpriced something-or-other who’s just trying to earn extra money to buy presents for her own children. Smile. Say thank you (and mean it). Help. Hold the door. Spend time with your family. Pay for the person behind you at Starbucks. Do something nice for yourself. Be gracious. Laugh. Enjoy your last few weeks of 2013 happily.

What else will you do?

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One thought on “The Importance of Breathing During December

  1. It’s appropriate that I’m catching up on this post since I’m finding myself low on time and the Christmas spirit this year! I’ve been kind of bummed that I am just not feeling it. The tree is up but I still have yet to put anything on it. And that may continue to be the case; we may have an ornament-less tree this year but that doesn’t mean I can’t still focus on the reason for the season 🙂

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