Have a joyous week!

Under the Oaks blog : Have a joyous week

Happy Sunday y’all! I’ve been looking forward to this week unknowingly for about 18 months, knowingly 9 months. This week at work a project I’ve been working on goes “Live” and I feel as though I’m birthing a work baby. I won’t give any of the boring details, but I will say that it taught me a lot about teamwork and collaboration, as well as discovering my own courage, strengths, and limits. There aren’t many times in which I’d openly admit to being proud of myself, but this is one of those moments! Thankfully I’ll be able to take all this pride and lessons into the New Year, because in a couple of weeks I’ll be starting round two.

Therefore, this week [and the next couple of weeks] I’m personally going to be focusing on having a joyous time and doing all those things that bring me joy that I didn’t get enough of in the past couple of months: reconnecting with friends, reconnecting with family, spending more quality time with the husband, spending more quality time with myself, home projects, life projects, and beginning the hunt to extend my immediate family … of the canine kind.

You read right, in the midst of completing a major project and reconnecting with everyone [and their mother], and with the holidays right around the corner we are looking to adopt and I couldn’t possibly feel more joy. We are currently in the process of getting an application in to the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas [SRC]. They currently have a selection of dogs available, but none in which would be a fit into our household. We have a cat, someday want to add kids to the mix, and do spend time away from the home every day. The dogs available need extra time and attention and preferably should be in homes without cats or children, or both. So, please cross your fingers for us.

Leave a comment below for this soon-to-be canine mommy. Got a schnauzer? I want to know the quirks to be aware of. Ever had to introduce a puppy into a home where a cat currently resides? I want to know how you did that.

Wishing you all a joyous week! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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