Have an accomplished week.

Brooks Running Shoes on Under the Oaks: Have an accomplished week.

The best decision I’ve made in this running journey… except, of course, the decision to start running!

 I apologize for the late posting today but Jason and I have been crazy busy this weekend getting the floor and all 4 sides installed on our shed! There is still a lot to do and we probably won’t see another unseasonably warm weekend again but we are feeling pretty accomplished.

But the main reason I’m feeling accomplished this week is that I am officially halfway through my 5k training! The program is a meant to be 8 weeks total but I’m giving myself a few extra weeks since the 5k I plan to run isn’t until April. Tomorrow is the start of my week 6. In this post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was beginning and that I’d post more when I had an update. I’m not sure I’m ready to post much regarding it because I want to be sure I’m focusing on accomplishing this goal for me and for the right reasons. Running has already taught me so much and I’m excited to share all of that at some point but I want to get a little bit closer.

5k Runner App on Under the Oaks: Have an accomplished week.

I will tell you that I’m using an awesome app called 5K Runner. I started off with the free version then upgraded after the first week. It has been an incredible tool and has helped so much more than I ever thought it would. I’ve tried the original program from Cool Running online a few times in the last 10 years and I’ve never been able to get past the first few weeks. This app takes all the stress out of keeping track of your time and when you ran and what day your on. It’s awesome.

So I’m patting myself on the back this week for passing the halfway point. I have never gotten this far before and it’s pretty amazing how good it feels just to say I’ve gotten here. I’m not seeing much if any weight loss but I am noticing a big difference in my sleep quality and energy levels through the day. I’m ready to get moving this week and work extra hard before the Thanksgiving Day pig out.

What have been your latest accomplishments?

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3 thoughts on “Have an accomplished week.

  1. Yay!! Congrats on being close to your 5k! I love Brooks running shoes. I’m also a big fan of Mizuno and Aasics. I put a pair on my Christmas list so that after baby I’ve got a fresh pair waiting on me!

    • Thanks! That’s an awesome plan. Some motivation to get you back out there. Love it! I tried on about 6 different pairs and these ones felt the best. I used to have an amazing pair of New Balance but they changed the numbers and I can’t find ones I like anymore. These have been perfect for me!

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