What’s really scary is…


1 :: Christmas is less than 2 months away. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

2 :: I am currently training for a 5k. What?! Yup it’s happening. I’ve committed, but I am totally trying not to over-think it and just take it day by day so I’ll fill y’all in when I actually have some news. I’m narrowing down my 5k options in the state  and I think I’ve decided on one in April in Oak Island, one of the very few places I have not visited on the NC Coast so I can kill two birds in one trip or something like that. So if any of you locals are interested in helping me cross something off my bucket list, you will have 4 months after the holidays to train. Let me know.

3 :: Jason has decided that permitting a shed in the City of Raleigh is a bitch and he isn’t doing it… per se. We will be starting on a smaller shed that does not need plan submissions, 3+ inspections, and a month-long headache. Instead we get just a few short weekends worth of headaches to build it! What’s so scary about that? Me using power tools. I cut a deep gouge in my arm from a flippin’ picture frame yesterday. God only knows what will happen when I use a table saw and nail gun. Don’t worry, Jason probably won’t let that happen. Maybe. Finally the home renos can start again, which means I’ll be posting updates so stay tuned!

What’s not scary, however, is the fun everyone will have tonight! I look forward to seeing all your children and dogs dressed up in ridiculously adorable costumes on Instagram while I spend trick-or-treating hours at the gym, thinking about all the amazing candy that I can’t eat / the Halloween cupcake I’ll probably eat this afternoon at our annual office Halloween potluck.

Am I the only person who hasn’t seen this video until a few weeks ago? I’m obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas anyway and this totally put me in the mood.

Happy Halloween!!

– A



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