Crystal’s Multi-Purpose, Game Room aka Reading Room Reveal

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealThere is this room in my house that has never really had a true purpose. By design it is meant to be a formal dining room, but honestly we don’t host dinners … ever. And we have an area for a table next to our kitchen. In prior states of this room we’ve had a futon and a couple of chairs and we called it a “sitting” room, or reading room, and was rarely ever used because it didn’t really have a true function. Oh yeah, and it’s the first room you encounter once entering our home. Not a great first impression.

A list of what we wanted to get out of a multi-purpose room on our first floor:

  1. A place to read/relax
  2. Storage for magazines, books, pictures, games, etc.
  3. A small desk in case the office upstairs is already occupied
  4. Somewhere to play games
  5. A better, more grown-up, first impression

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room Reveal

A lot of the items that were in this hodge-podge of a room were either sold at a garage sale, or reallocated to our upstairs office. So I was able to start with a blank canvas. I filled old nail holes, applied a fresh coat of paint, and hung curtains

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealThe renovation of this room actually began back in June when I ordered the Marcel Mini Sofa from Pottery Barn. Thankfully at the time it was on sale and I had a coupon (I always pride myself on my thriftiness). Since it was a special order item I had to wait until early September. However, in hindsight I’m happy I had to wait because I may never have stumbled upon this great end table. This end table is a result of long hunt for something small and unique. Not only can I set items on top, but beneath the hinged top are extra blankets and throw pillows. I picked this up, after a long hunt, from Nadeau in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

Not pictured (simply because I forgot to capture it when photographing the space) is the herringbone artwork that I did myself. If you want to see pictures of it you can check those out here. Actually, you can catch a smidgen of it in the last photo of this post, above the Marcel Mini Sofa.

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealThese two, bicast leather beauties hail from World Market. I saw the Bennett chairs in store one day, sat down, and was in love. They are beautiful and comfortable. However, they were quite the ordeal to obtain. First, we couldn’t find two at one store, which we needed to do because we had a coupon that was only applicable towards a single purchase. Then, when they were available they told my husband the coupon couldn’t be used. The ending is a happy one, they refunded my husband the difference that we were due, and Alexander loves them! He prefers them over his kitty condo … he’s a classy cat.

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealFor storage I re-purposed two Expedit bookcases from another room, and picked up some leaning cases from the Container Store. All baskets and decor items were also re-purposed from throughout the house. We have space for games, books, magazines, and other miscellaneous items that have no other place but can’t be disposed of.

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealThe small desk I procured from Target. It is small and simple, all we really needed was a writing surface, the drawer is simply a bonus for storing stamps, pens, address book, etc. The stool was another find from Nadeau in Raleigh. I really had no intention of purchasing it because we did have another chair in it’s place. The other chair however wasn’t very well coordinated, didn’t fit under the desk, and well … I just liked this stool better! Does a girl need any other excuse? No fear, we found another spot for the other chair.

Under the Oaks : Crystal's MultiPurpose Room RevealAll in all we are pretty pleased with how this space turned out. Every night I return from work I catch a glance of the room and I just think, “Yay!” The room has also been used more, now that it has a purpose. It is such a relief to have another project checked off the list. Up next: the kitchen, but don’t expect to see a reveal from that any time soon!

What space is next on your list? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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    • Ashley, thanks so much for the comment. It was great meeting you, and the other empowering women at Blogger Buzz, as well! So inspiring.

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